Meet the Officers

President  Gladys Woodfin is the top officer for the Auxiliary, runs our meetings and is accountable for the Auxiliary and its Junior program as well as the standing committees and associated activities.

1st Vice President Janice Nelson is the backup for the President in her absence.

2nd Vice President Shirley Bonovitch is the backup for both the President and the Vice President in their absence. She is currently the Chairman of the Americanism Committee.

Secretary Nancy Gregory takes minutes at every meeting, submits all required reports, handles PR  & is on the Social Media Team and the Bazaar Committee.

Treasurer Judy Niedermayer manages finances for all Auxiliary needs. She is a member of the Bazaar committee, and manages membership for the A.L.A.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jenna Nelson maintains the decorum at meetings and manages the Girls State Committee.

Chaplain Carolyn Seay provides the devotions for each meeting as well as member care needs and ceremonies as outlined in the Chaplain Manual maintained by State and National.

Historian Nancy Gregory collects the history of the Auxiliary and archives pictures, articles and correspondence.


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